Tesi Hats:

Masters of the hat

since 1850

From its origins in Signa to international success: the history of Tesi Hats.

Tesi Hats has its roots in the second half of the 19th century, in Signa, Tuscany, an area renowned for its straw processing. From the very beginning, the company specialised in the production and trade of braids and straw hats, soon gaining the Italian market’s trust.

The beginning of the 20th century marked the rise of Tesi Hats worldwide. The company significantly invested in the expansion and improvement of the factory, which is still located on the original site, and widened its offer with highly successful models, such as the ‘canotto‘ hats and straw hats in general.

The choice of fine materials, both Italian and oriental, becomes a distinctive element of the brand, guaranteeing customers products of absolute excellence.

The introduction of the panama hat

Around the Twenties, Tesi Hats specialised in the production of the panama hat, becoming one of the first companies to introduce this type of hat to the Italian market.

The constant search for fine materials and collaboration with the best international suppliers allowed the company to consolidate its international reputation and open new commercial horizons, particularly in Central and North America. Il The panama hat became a symbol of style and elegance, appreciated by men all over the world.

Cappello di Panama Originale : donna con cappello Tesi, in acqua bassa, vicino ad una scogliera
Cappello di Panama Originale : Cappello Tesi di colore rosa appoggiato su un piedistallo, davanti ad una fila di stampi per cappelli

Passion, tradition and timeless style

Led by the fifth generation of the founding family, the artisans of Tesi Hats carry on making hats of the highest quality, using traditional techniques and fine materials.

Each creation is a unique work of art, an expression of passion, tradition and timeless style.

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