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An Italian story since 1850: the timeless appeal of panama hats

Tesi Hats: a name that evokes the history and excellence of Italian hat manufacturing A journey that began in the mid-1850s, when the Tesi family began manufacturing and trading in braids and straw hats.

Since then, the brand has gained a leading position in the European and American markets, becoming synonymous with quality, style and tradition.

chi siamo : parete di attrezzi di Tesi con cappello appesi
chi siamo : foto storica della bottega di Tesi con due uomini che lavorano
About Us

Our origins: a marriage of craftsmanship and innovation

It all started in the second half of the 19th century, at a time when the hat was an essential accessory to complete men’s and women’s clothing.

With vision and passion, the Tesi family seized this opportunity and dedicated themselves to the production of high-quality straw hats.

About Us

The heyday and the introduction of panama hat

chi siamo : foto storica della bottega di Tesi con donne e uomini che lavorano ad un tavolo, montando cappelli

At the outset of the 20th century, Tesi Hats experienced its heyday, riding the wave of success of ‘canotto‘ hats and straw hats in general. In this context of great expansion, the company significantly invested in the expansion and improvement of its factories and production technologies.

Special care was given to the use of fine straw, both Italian and oriental, to guarantee its customers excellent products.

But the real turning point came with the launch of panama hats, a new material that quickly conquered the market.

Tesi Hats, always keen to be innovative, was one of the first companies to introduce this type of hat, further consolidating its international reputation and opening up new commercial horizons with Central and North America.

Beyond time:
tradition and innovation

Even after the Second World War, when the hat partly lost its role as an essential element in clothing, Tesi Hats still continued to grow and innovate. Alongside the classic straw hat for men and bobble hats, the company introduced new lines in felt and fabric, always attentive to the trends and needs of its customers.

Nowadays, Tesi Hats represents a symbol of Italian excellence in hat production. Over 170 years of history, it is a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and technology. The company cooperates with the world’s most important designers and brands to create highly customised collections, establishing itself as a reference point in the haute couture hat sector.